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Based On GSM Effects of Stand Alones Solar – Wind Power Generation

Author : B.Meenakshi 1 S.Anbarasi 2 G.Indhumathi 3

Date of Publication :7th April 2016

Abstract: Hybrid wind-solar power generation is an unpolluted energy. MPPT algorithm is used for hybrid power generation. This MPPT algorithm gives more efficiency of power generation in wind-solar energy, but this MPPT algorithm does not give the constant voltage and current. Because exact sun angle is not located in solar panel. This mechanical model requires high electrical power, which may not be efficient. The proposed system of this paper is using a high frequency charging system (HFCS) and multilevel charging system (BESS). This BESS stands for battery energy storage system in our scheme whatever voltage collect from wind-solar that can be applied whose charging to the battery equivalent to the collected voltage. The HFCS system is applied for high efficiency of voltage from the wind-solar power generator such as switching circuit, relay and polarity controller are used. In this paper we are implementing GSM modem to monitor and control the power generation in wind-solar. The GSM modem is interfaced by using the Embedded microcontroller to monitor the power generation in remote devices. The remote device controls the AC load in power generation.

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