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Assessment of Energy Conservation at Amman Try Steel Industries through Led Lighting Retrofit

Author : K Sarath Kumar 1 M Sathyamoorthi 2 M Selva Kumar 3 V Heawin Jeba Kumar 4

Date of Publication :7th April 2016

Abstract: In India, there is a mismatch between power generation and power demand. With the growth of India’s economy, demand for energy will also increase. Indian power sector needs to plug the gap between demand and supply through renewable and nonrenewable source. The demand for energy has grown closer to 3.5% per annum over last three decades, the power houses that are generating energy fails to fulfill the demand. Industries and households resort to the use of diesel or portable kerosene generators to generate power for operating part of their loads. According to the Indian petroleum and natural gas statistics, India is one of the world’s largest importers of crude oil, gas and coal which will create the global warming issues. In The lighting energy consumption in India is 71% of total energy consumption. The paper specifically aims on industrial lighting energy consumption, by replacing the traditional lamps in industries with LED lamps thereby contributing to national energy consumption scheme. LED components were purchased from local market and energy auditing at steel industrial where studied. The recommendations were given to industry for retrofit of traditional lamps with LED.

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