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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022
Predictive Voltage Control of Transformer less Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Sag Compensation

Author : R.N.Sarada Bai 1 P.Munisekhar 2

Date of Publication :7th April 2016

Abstract: This paper presents a predictive voltage con- trol scheme for the effective control of a transformerless dynamic voltage restorer (TDVR). This control scheme uti- lizes the discrete model of a voltage source inverter and an interfacing filter for the generation of the switching strat- egy of inverter switches. Predictive voltage control algo- rithm-based TDVR tracks the reference voltage effectively and maintains load voltages sinusoidal during various volt- age disturbances as well as load conditions. Moreover, this scheme does not require any linear controller or modulation technique. Simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the performance of the proposed scheme.

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