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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022
Design and Implementation of PRCC Based Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking System with Wind Energy Generation

Author : Sangeet Gharai 1 J.Ajay Daniel 2 A. Nikhil 3

Date of Publication :7th April 2016

Abstract: Demand for more energy makes us seek more energy resources. Now a days, solar and wind are the primary sources of renewable energy. But when they are used individually achieving uninterrupted power supply is difficult. Thus, the recent trends are moving towards the use of hybrid sources of energy. But still, the hybrid wind and solar energy model fails to achieve the expected efficiency because of the presence of natural and conversional ripples in the output current. This paper deals with the passive ripple cancellation circuit (PRCC) to reduce the amount of ripples produced in the output power obtained from wind and solar hybrid converters. Some of the special characteristics of the proposed PRCC model comprises of cheap, compact and adaptive structure that doesn't need any extra control and feedback circuit. Thus the ripples in the input current are eliminated by incorporating the proposed model into the main power circuit. Consequently, reduction in filter size is achieved with faster response. In the interim, the instantaneous tracking response is acquired by incorporating the continuous MPPT control with the proposed module integrated converter (MIC).

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