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Wireless Data Transmission Through Led

Author : Ashwini B N 1 Avikumar R 2 Jyothi M P 3

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Li-Fi (light-fidelity) technology is very new and was proposed by the German Physicist Harald Hass which means transmission of data through an LED light bulb that varies in intensity faster than human eye can follow. This paper aims at wireless transmission of data with the help of LED at the transmitter side and reception of data by the photodiode at the receiving side. There are two modes of operation .One is data mode ,in which the data is transmitted through LED and second one is robot mode ,in which the robot is moved in any directions with respect to the keys configured .This paper also gives information , how Wi-Fi is replaced by Li-Fi. Wi-Fi is used for general wireless coverage within buildings whereas Li-Fi is model for high density wireless data coverage in restricted areas in which there are no obstacles.. The term Li-Fi refers to VLC technology that uses as medium to deliver high-speed communication in a manner similar to Wi-Fi. Li-Fi provides better efficiency, bandwidth, availability and security than Wi-Fi and has already achieved high speeds in the lab. This paper provides a detailed explanation of Li-Fi technology, its benefits and future scope.

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