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Call For Paper : Vol 10, Issue 5, May 2023
Studies on PWM Inverter Employing SeriesConnected Capacitors Paralleled to a Single DC Voltage Source

Author : Rashmi D S 1 Pradipkumar Dixit 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: This paper presents an effective circuit configuration of a multilevel inverter of single DC independent voltage source that can increase the number of output voltage levels with a less number of circuit components. To produce the output voltage levels the Seven-level pulse width modulation inverter consists of a single dc voltage source with a series of three capacitors, two diodes, three active switches and H-bridge cell. Here using modified switching strategy to solve the voltage unbalancing that occurred in series connected capacitors and THDv. MATLAB/Simulink software is used in the simulation and results are compared with the published data.

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