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Call For Paper : Vol 10, Issue 5, May 2023
High Frequency Boost Converter

Author : Likhitha R 1 Mr. Naveenkumar 2 Mr. Gummadi Srikanth 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: Converter based on two switching cells is proposed .These switching cells are connected in parallel so the average current flowing through the switch is reduced by the duty cycle. The different relevant characteristics of the proposed circuit are, the controlled switches having drop voltage across them is low, that permits the use of lower drain-to-source conductivity resistances (RDSon) MOSFETs, and magnetic components size is reduced due to the high operating frequency. Hence the scale and volume of the converter is reduced. Due this approach, the efficiency of the projected device is high, and it is suggested for the space application. This device is analysed for the load from 16.66% to full load operative in continuous conduction mode (CCM) and with maximum duty cycle of 48%. So as to verify the practicability of this topology; operation of the device, theoretical examination, and exploratory waveforms are shown for a 300W assembled prototype.

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