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E-Vehicle- Automatic Speed Control Using Android Mobile Application

Author : P.Aravind 1 V.Kishore 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: In the rapidly changing world, the speed has become an important factor in humans’ life .Everyone wants to get fast as much as possible. In the fast speed world, there are two perspectives, one is maintaining the speed and the other is to maintain the safety medium as well.In the smart speed world the technologies plays a major role. Smart phones are the key part of the growing technologies in the globe. Android application is a one which is ruling almost 75% of the crowd .So our objective is to ensure maximum safety to the person who is driving the vehicle and to the people on the road in all parameters through a mobile app. Nowadays accidents rates are increasing linearly causing demise of many people by making modest mistakes while driving in zones like school, college, hospital, market, highways and hill station. This paper is going to be a smart way of controlling the speed of the vehicles in all these zones. A mobile application is being created integrating with google map. The latitude and longitude position of the speed restricting zones like school, college, markets is being stored in the cloud. When the destination place is entered in the goggle map, it actually starts indicating the driver 100m before the speed restricting zone and if the driver doesn’t reduces the speed of the vehicle according to the zone in 50m, the speed of the vehicle is automatically arrested using ARM processor. The next objective of this paper is to slow down the speed of the vehicle in speed breaker. The image of the speed breaker is being stored in the arm processor and there is a camera attached to the car at its top roof. when the image captured by the camera and the image stored in the processor matches , the processor alerts the driver by an alarm caution before 100m and if the driver fails to reduce the speed in 50 m, the speed is reduced by using ARM processor. Further this project can be enhance by fixing a strip sensor at the edge of the doors, such that it senses vehicle movement .When the door is opened and if the sensor senses the movement of vehicle before 5m from the door of the vehicle, door gets locked at that particular angle. i.e., when there is a movement of vehicles, sensor turns on and the door is locked at that particular angle. Implementation of this can avoid accidents in opening the doors.

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