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A Single Stage Inverter for Photovoltaic Application

Author : Nitha Bosi P.T. 1 2

Date of Publication :7th July 2016

Abstract: Renewable energy technologies offers clean, abundant energy gathered from self renewing resources such as sun, wind etc. As power demand increases, power failure also increases. So, renewable energy source can be used to provide constant loads. But the voltage range of photovoltaic cell is influenced by several environmental factors and it varies in wide range. So the inverter system must operate in both buck and boost modes. This paper presents a single stage buck boost inverter topology. The voltage boosting is done with the help of ac-ac unit composed of active switches. Thus reducing the passive elements and this increases the efficiency of the system. Operational analyses in both modes are presented. MATLAB simulink model is developed. Experimental results are presented to verify the operation.

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