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Cooling Of Led Bulb by Using Diffrant Array of Fins

Author : Mr. Nitin Namdeo Pawar 1 Mr. Nitin Namdeo Pawar 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The demand for high light output LED systems lead to significant heat generation rates, so that higher heat fluxes result in elevated junction temperatures on LED chips in SSL lighting systems. Moreover, the changes on the junction temperature strongly impact the reliability, lifetime, light output and quality of the light. Because of their implicity, reliability, low cost and silent operation, passive air-cooling systems are preferred in LED lamps. Thus, the optimization of the heat sink in an LED system is crucial..A-line LED lamps are investigated and a number of FOMs are proposed based on the performance, size and weight. There for we are studied with various shape of fin array such as Rectangular, Square, Circular, Spine and Plus Sign Shape fin. On comparison, plus sign fin array gives the greatest heat transfer than that of other extensions having the different shape of fin array with same height and base area finned surface .The efficiency of fin with plus sign fin greater as compare to other patter of fin. The temperature of a plus sign fin is minimum i.e. 47.476 0 c

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