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Fuzzy Based PFC Buck Half-Bridge Converter for Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed PMBLDC Motor

Author : P Nandhini 1 Muni Sekhar Sadu 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: This paper deals with the method used to improve the speed quality and the efficiency of BLDC motor drive by implementing fuzzy based controller with power factor modification technique. A Buck Half-Bridge DC -DC converter is used as a single-stage power-factor-correction converter for a permanent magnet brushless dc motor (PMBLDCM) fed all the way through diode bridge rectifier from a single-phase ac mains. This reduced the power quality problems and improve the power factor at input ac mains. A three-phase voltage-source inverter is used as an electronic commutator which switches the PMBLDCM drive. The concept of voltage control at the dc link comparative to the desired speed of the PMBLDCM is used to control the speed of the compressor. The stator current of the PMBLDCM during step change of the reference speed is controlled within the specified limits by an addition of a rate limiter in the reference DC link voltage. The proposed power factor converter topology is designed, modeled and its performance is evaluated in Matlab-Simulink environment for an air conditioner driven through a PMBLDC motor. The results illustrate an improved power quality and good power factor in wide speed range of the drive.

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