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A Multi-Output DC-DC Converter

Author : Deepa Sanal 1 ] Jeneesh Scaria 2 Rahul. P 3

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: A Multi-output DC - DC converter topologies can be used to generate multiple DC outputs from a single DC input source. The voltage gains can be step-up and /or step-down type. This paper proposes a dual-port DC-DC converter topology which generates two outputs, one step-up and one step-down, from a single DC input. Operating modes and steady state behaviour of the proposed converter has been studied in this paper. Using MATLAB/SIMULINK (R2013a) the proposed converter topology is simulated with open loop and closed loop control system to generate two outputs (a step-up and a step-down) from a single DC input and the results are compared.

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