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A High Efficient Fully Soft Switched Isolated DC-DC Boost Converter

Author : Aravind Murali 1 Mr.Benny.K.K 2 Mrs.Priya.S.P 3

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: This paper proposes a fully soft switched isolated DC-DC boost converter, which consists of only one switch and this switch is turned-on at zero current switching and turned-off at zero voltage switching. All the diodes in this proposed converter is turned-off at zero current condition, regardless of voltage and load variations. This converter consists of a lossless snubber and an isolation transformer. Leakage inductance of this isolation transformer is used for zero voltage switching (ZVS). All these features make this particular boost converter high efficient and low cost. Simulation results are given in order to validate the proposed concept and these results are compared with simulation results of conventional converters

Reference :

    1. Minjae Kim and Sewan Choi, “A fully soft-switched single switch isolated DC-DC Converter,” IEEE Trans. Power Electron., vol.30, no. 9, pp. 48834890, May 2015.
    2. R. Watson and F. C. Lee, “A soft-switched, full-bridge boost converter is employing an active clamp circuit,” in Proc

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