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APF with PI Controller Based Harmonic Reduction in Micro Grid Distribution System

Author : D.Sai Krishna Kanth 1 G. Venkatesh 2 P. Lakshmi Devi 3

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: In distribution systems, the nonlinear loads draws non-sinusoidal currents from the AC mains due to sudden increase or decrease of load and also affects the load harmonics and reactive power. It also produces excessive neutral currents that give smog in power systems. Due to the nonlinear features and fast switching of power electronic devicesmost pollution problems are created in power systems. The Shunt active power filter(SAPF)controlled PWM converters are based on currentand has seen as a most viable solution. So the harmonics and reactive power compensation is presented in this paper from 3P4W micro-grid distribution system by PI controlled shunt active power filter (SAPF). The technique used to generate desired compensation current extraction is based on offset command instantaneous currents distorted or voltage signals in the time domain because compensation time domainresponse is quick and it produces easy implementation and lower computational load than the frequency domain.The MATLAB/Simpower Systems tool has proved that the combined system inject maximum power and compensate the reactive power and harmonic current drawn by nonlinear loads.

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