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Transmission Line Fault Detection Based On Wavelet Transform

Author : Preethi Manivannan 1 Pawan Chandrakant Tapre 2 C.Veeresh 3

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The paper describes a very accurate fault location technique which uses post-fault voltage and current derived at both line ends. Firstly, the simulation is carried out in MATLAB to obtain the fault voltages and currents at both ends of a transmission line. Then, with the help of Graphical User Interference method simulated data is used for estimating the location of unbalanced and balanced faults on line. It is observed that solution fully considers the impacts throughout the line and fault is identified with voltage and current waveform. Evaluation studies based on MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation studies have been undertaken to verify the accuracy of the algorithm. The paper presents the theory of the technique and the results of simulation studies to determine its performance.

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