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Design, Modelling and Analysis of Two Phase Interleaved Buck DC-DC Converter

Author : Alana M Siddeshwar 1 Guruswamy K P 2 S Vasudevamurthy 3

Date of Publication :7th September 2016

Abstract: The two phase interleaved buck converter (IBC) for low input voltage (battery or photovoltaic) applications. The interleaved multi-channel converter is very popular these days because of its ability to reduce current ripples. In high power applications, parallel operation of buck converter is recommended. The steady state performance of the interleaved buck converter is investigated by MATLAB/simulation. The IBC is designed for low input voltage application. The modeling and analysis is carried out considering the parasitic elements of all the elements and devices. The IBC is modeled and analyzed using state-space averaging technique and analysis is carried using small signal analysis. The analog PID controller is designed based on the design parameters of the converter and simulated in open loop and closed loop.

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