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Design of Fixed Parameter Decentralized Power System Stabilizers for Multi Machine Power Systems

Author : M Mahesh Kumar 1 B Jagadeesh 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: This paper proposes a technique to design fixed parameter decentralized Power System Stabilizers (PSSs) for interconnected power systems. To tune the parameters of a PSS, local information available at each machine in the multi-machine environment is used. Frequency Response estimation called GEP(s) between AVR input and resultant torque is also used, with the knowledge of equivalent external reactance incorporated at generating unit of step-up transformer and infinite bus voltage or their estimated values at each machine. Conventional design techniques like P-Vr frequency response approach and method of residues are based on complete system information. In the proposed method, information available at high voltage bus of step-up transformer is used to set up a modified Heffron – Phillip’s model, thus to decide the structure of PSS compensator and tune its parameters at each machine in a multi-machine environment by the signals available at Generating Station. The efficacy of the proposed stabilizer to damp out inter area and local modes of oscillations effectively over a wide range of operating conditions is evaluated by a wide area system. Simulation studies compare the proposed stabilizer with conventional design.

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