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“Design and Simulation Model of Solar Based Battery charger and Standalone mode Micro Inverter for Residential Applications”

Author : SMAK Azad 1 Mukesh Kumar Dewangan 2 Rajnish Kumar 3

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: Solar energy utilization for many applications is growing in as good phase. As PV module converts solar energy into electrical energy and this electrical energy used for charging the battery for supplying the local load, the design of battery charger and micro inverter for residential applications, mostly in remote villages where power is not available, is much more in need. The present paper deals with the design and simulation model of solar based lead acid battery charger cum micro inverter system, which can be used in remote village locations for the supply of power for maximum of 900W. Also constant current and constant voltage based battery charging algorithms are discussed. Entire system is integrated and simulated for different conditions to validate the model and simulation results are presented.

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