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Performance Investigation of Multilevel Inverter Based Static Synchronous Series Compensator for Power Flow Control

Author : Rajendra Narayan Senapati 1 Sonakshi Pradhan 2 Rudranarayan Senapati 3 Rajesh Kumar Sahoo 4

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: This paper consists of control logic of Five-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (FCMLI) based Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) has been proposed. SSSC which is connected in series with the transmission line is preferred to other compensating devices because apart from controlling the active and reactive power flow, it helps to damp out unnecessary oscillations, reducing the Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR) and helps in improving the Power Quality (PQ). Hence, FCMLI is used which helps to ameliorate the output waveform and reduces the auxiliary filtering requirements. Moreover, the control logic for the inverter that has been shown in such a way that voltage stress across each capacitor connected to DC-link voltage is equal. The control logic has been implemented in MATLAB/Simulink environment and the result is shown as there are no SSR phenomena and considerable less line loss.

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