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Name Plate Recognition for Real Time Application

Author : M. S. Chelva 1 Dr. S. V. Halse 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: the era of automation brings comfort and ease in the life style. The security, safety and information management issues are the most vulnerable issues which need to be resolved at every possible level. The traffic monitoring is one of the important issues in this world of growing population and vehicle density. It is very essential to monitor, record the traffic movement for smooth management. The manual ways to keep on watching is impossible due to exponential growth in the number of vehicles running on the road all the time. Obviously the security, monitoring of vehicles & name plate reading automata ion becomes necessary for vehicle management system. This ensures continuous reading, recording of vehicle & person details. In this paper, we present the analysis of various techniques used in name plate recognition system and presents a real time algorithm of name plate reading system that promises better and accurate results.

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