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Enclosure Phenomena in Confined Natural Convection

Author : Ribhu Bhatiaa 1 Vinayak Malhotraa 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: through proper experimentation, the role of an external enclosure on confined natural convective heat transfer on a square flat plate is explored. The effect and the extent of effect of different external enclosure on heat transfer rates is investigated. The phenomenon is articulated in terms of deviations in convective heat transfer coefficient. The role of controlling parameters viz., plate orientation, surface roughness, enclosure distance, type of enclosure and enclosures in distinct configurations is probed and optimized for wide-ranging applications. To simplify the heated surface orientation and related heat transfer analysis, a novel zonal system with respect to the surface orientation is proposed. Results indicate that enclosures significantly affect the transportation of heat from source under varying conditions. Flow behavior with the respective variations is understood to play formidable role in energy transference. Smoother surfaces are useful in conservation of heat and with increasing surface orientation become more effective in transfer of heat

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