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Geothermal Energy in Secondary Pressure Drainers (A concept)

Author : Gowtham.S 1 Manas M Bhat 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the earth. The geothermal energy of the earth's crust originates from the original formation of the planet. Geothermal power is cost-effective, reliable, renewable, and environment friendly. Geothermal power does not involve fuels. Hence, in terms of fuel cost fluctuations it is quite beneficial. However high costs are involved in setting up the plant. A geothermal heat pump can extract enough heat from shallow ground anywhere in the world to provide home heating, but industrial applications need the higher temperatures of deep resources. The thermal efficiency and profitability of electricity generation is particularly sensitive to temperature. A secondary pressure drainer is a device which collects a liquid and by alternately pressurizing and depressurizing it through a valve arrangement, discharges it by using gas pressure as the operating source. A suitable mechanism with valves and sensors are used to collect and discharge the liquid. Secondary pressure drainers are mainly used for collection and discharge of steam condensate. Initially, a pipeline is inserted into the earth’s crust at a predetermined site suitable for geothermal plant. Cold water is passed through this pipeline and as a result of the heat present inside the earth, the water is converted into high pressure and high temperature steam. The pipeline is further connected to the inlet of a secondary pressure drainer, where the steam coming from the geothermal plant is the motive fluid. Inside the pressure drainer, the high temperature, high pressure steam when combined with the low pressure steam, from the extracted surface is directed to the condenser and as a result, the resultant outward flow is converted into a medium pressure steam. The major advantage with this system is older systems of secondary pressure drainers involves heating up the motive fluid by conventional energy sources but our design uses renewable sources of energy which are reliable and sustainable.

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