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Power Quality Improvement by Harmonic Mitigation using Hybrid Power Filter

Author : Mrs. Prajkta R. Gangurde 1 Prof. C.Veeresh 2 Prof.A.K.Shukla 3

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: This paper re presents a proper method to mitigate harmonic in distribution and transmission system to improve the power quality. This include the hybrid power filter for mitigating the harmonic in the power system, the hybrid power filter is the combination of the voltage source inverter and the passive component like a capacitor and the inductor. The drawback of the active and the passive power filter is overcome by designing the hybrid power filter, the capability of harmonic mitigation can be increased with dc link voltage of the voltage source inverter. in this two method of implementation is adopted for harmonic mitigation in power system like hybrid mode and the passive mode , in passive mode the passive component is used in series such as capacitor and inductor and in hybrid mode the voltage source inverter is used along with the LC-filter . The power quality improvement and the reactive power control is also represented in this paper The analysis and MATLAB simulation give the proper solution to mitigate the harmonic in the distribution and the transmission system to improve the power quality.

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