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Optimal Allocation of Multiple Distributed Generators for Network Loss Reduction & Voltage Profile Improvement

Author : Dr. N. Kumar 1 Dr. Pradeep. B. Jyoti 2 Girisha K M 3

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: In the present energy scenario, increased concerns are shown towards distributed generation (DG) driven by renewable energy resources. DG is a small scale generating units that are connected near to customer load center or directly to the distribution network. Such DGs has capability of altering power flow, system voltage, and the performance of the integrated network. When DGs are integrated to existing distributed network, offers many techo-economical benefits. To maximize the availing benefits, optimal DG planning is necessary. The two critical issues of DG planning are: (1) Optimal placement of DG (2) Optimal sizing of DG. In this paper, the optimal locations for DG units are found out by using three sets of indices, such as Power loss reduction index (PLRI), Voltage deviation index (VDI), & Multi-Objective Ranking index (MORI) and optimal sizing of DGs at optimal locations is decided for both voltage profile improvement and network loss reduction. The buses with the lowest value of MORI are the candidate buses for allocation of DG units. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology has been tested on standard IEEE-33 bus radial distribution system using MATLAB 2014. The method has potential to be a tool for identifying the best locations and capacity of DGs to be installed for improving voltage profile and reducing power losses in a distribution system as the results are very much encouraging.

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