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Study of Vector Controlled Induction Motor using Artificial Intelligence

Author : Aladalli Sharanabasappa 1 Dr. Pradeep B Jyoti 2 Ms.Malini K V 3

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: Induction motor is termed as the main work horse of an industry. It is essential to obtain high efficiency and maximum torque, which can be achieved by controlling the speed of induction motor. This paper presents an integrated system for speed control of vector controlled induction motor (IM).the simulated result allows users to compare results between traditional and artificial intelligent controllers. Field control method is the present trend of speed controlling method, because of its high efficiency and better power factor. Artificial intelligence namely, Fuzzy Logic and Neural network controllers are also utilized to maintain the constant speed when the load varies. Speed controlling can be achieved by decoupling the speed and reference speed into torque and flux producing components. Simulated load is applied to an induction motor and analyzed for both constant and variable loads.

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