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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

Volume3, December-2016

Design of a Petrol - HHO Hybrid Fuel System for 110cc, 4-Stroke IC Engine

Authors : Sanjib Das || Diptanu Dey, Bharath Kumar Boyanapalli , Priyanath Das
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Setup of an Arduino Based GIC Monitoring System And Study of GIC Variation at Ground Level

Authors : Boyanapalli Bharath Kumar || Diptanu Dey, Sanjib Das, Dr. Priyanath Das
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Ferranti Effect Compensation using TCR with PI Controller

Authors : Swati Maruti Wandare || Shubhangi Laxman Patankar , Shital Ashok Shivasharan
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Target Tracking using RSSI In WSN

Authors : Anuradha R.Lohar || S.A.Khandekar
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A Review Paper on Application of Solar System in the Field of Agriculture

Authors : Prof. C.W. Jadho || Shradhha Makade , Shubhangi Nagapure , Vaishnavi Welpulwar
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Zonal Speed Control

Authors : Akhil Athawale || Kedar Kadam , Prof. S.S.Navale
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