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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

Volume3, May-2016

Monitoring Load Schedule and Fault Detection Using GSM

Authors : Adarsh Nayak || V Vivashwataa Kamalam , Dr. Surekha Kamath
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Design of Redundant Actuators for TRMS

Authors : Vidya S Rao || Raviraj Maiya U, Rubina Arora
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Ultra Modern Robotic Helping Hand

Authors : Vemula Sai Naveen || Anil Naidu , Varun.M , M.Shreyas
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Wireless Data Transmission Through Led

Authors : Ashwini B N || Avikumar R, Jyothi M P
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Patient Monitoring Robot

Authors : Amrutha. R || Lalitha. K , Deepika T V
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EEG Based Focus Estimation for Safety Driving Using Bluetooth

Authors : Sowjanya M N || Amrutha R, Avikumar R, Dr M Shivakumar
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A DVR Based Control Scheme for Power-Quality Improvement

Authors : K.P. Bheemanna || N. Rajeshkumar Gowd , G. Subba Rao Gupta
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