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International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science and Engineering (IJERCSE)

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International Journal of Engineering Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering(IJEREEE)

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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

Volume5, February-2018

Microcontroller Based Smart Calibration Meter

Authors : P. D. More || Vaibhav Chougule, Shubham Powar, Vikas Jadhav, Suhas Redekar, Akshay Patil
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Solar Based Agricultural Pumping Using DC Pump

Authors : Pravin Magdum || Aditi Jadhav, Suraj Hongekar, Sabjani Kadam, Kiran Lengare, Rajiv Patil
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IOT Based Remote Monitoring of Weather Parameters For Solar, Wind Applications

Authors : Singireddy Mallikarjun || Dr. S.Chandra Shekar Reddy, G.Nagalaxmi, R.Gayathri
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Line Follower Alphabot Using Arduino Micro Controller

Authors : M. Srilekha || Noureen Fathima, G.Anusha, D. Shravana Chary
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Electronic Scrolling Display Using Arduino Board

Authors : R.Ranadheer Reddy || N Prashanth, G Indira, M Sharada
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Home Automation with MATLAB and ARDUINO Interface

Authors : Singam Sridhar || S Preethi, Ch. Sampath, [MD Azmath Ali
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