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Advancements in Low-power Digital Circuitry: A Comparative Survey

Author : Keerthiga,Keerthi P, Jessica J, Hemalatha R

Date of Publication :4th March 2024

Abstract:— In order to identify recent developments in low-power digital circuits, this literature review conducts an exhaustive search. Among the many topics covered by these books and journals is a comprehensive examination of some of the most fundamental components of digital electronics, such as Johnson counters, binary counters, shift-and-add multipliers, and low-power multipliers based on Universal Shift Registers (USR). The findings of this study offer novel strategies for reducing digital system energy consumption, enhancing circuit efficiency, and creating greener computing environments. The methods discussed, which include transistor gating, symmetric stacking, and enhanced USR-based designs, have the potential to substantially reduce power consumption. The incorporation of energy-efficient digital electronics into established industries such as mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and battery-dependent products is likely to increase their prevalence. This review's emphasis on the role of power management techniques in influencing the future of digital circuit design may result in more energy-efficient and cost-effective electronics.

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