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An Implementation of Optimization Algorithms to 22-Bus Practical Radial Distribution System by Multi-objective Optimization Approach

Author : Mr. E. Anil Kumar, Prof. M. Gopichand Naik, Dr. T. Narasimhulu

Date of Publication :4th March 2024

Abstract:— This paper introduces an approach for the efficient positioning of distributed generators within a radial distribution system, incorporating load models into consideration. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms was evaluated through application to 22-bus radial distribution systems, and a comprehensive comparison of the results from all algorithms was conducted. It was found that all algorithms showed improved performance and yielded better results. Distribution systems are experiencing heavy loads due to population growth, which increases the risk of overloading distribution feeders and causing sudden voltage collapse. Therefore, steady state voltage stability analysis is a valuable tool for assessing the loading capacity of distribution systems. The proposed methods for determining the best location for distributed generators have been tested on a practical radial distribution system in APEPDCL, India. The findings suggest that incorporating distributed generators (DG) enhances the voltage profile and mitigates power loss within the system. The study also illustrates the analysis of voltage stability, underscoring the substantial influence of DG placement on the system's capacity to uphold stable voltage levels. This capability empowers the distribution system to accommodate increased loads without necessitating the construction of new infrastructure. While all the proposed methods performed well in achieving the objective of multi-objective optimization, the computation time is shorter for the IMO method.

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