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Low-cost Ventilator using AMBU Bag

Author : Shaaz Rizvi, Satyendra Pratap Singh, Radhe Shyam Dwivedi

Date of Publication :4th March 2024

Abstract:— During COVID-19, a huge crowd of COVID positive patients have been gathered. Due to the shortage of COVID facility wards, beds were not available for all the patients. Therefore, most of the patients were self-quarantining themselves at their homes and have been visited by their family doctor on routine basis. People were also buying personal oxygen cylinders as hospitals were unable to provide breathing oxygen. Some medical equipment is way more expensive to buy for personal use at home. A ventilator machine costs is about 1.5 – 10 Lakh Rupees. This paper proposes a low-cost ventilator machine using an AMBU bag which is also called Bag Valve Mask (BVM). This machine will be programmed to continuously help the patient to breathe oxygen at 2.4 atmospheric bar suitable pressure for lungs with a percentage of 21% to 100%.

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