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Power Output Optimization of a Non-Uniformly Illuminated Photovoltaic System Using Dynamic Switching Reconfiguration

Author : Julito B. Añora Jr.,Jitter Josef Johann L. Quilonia,Arch Mechkael Y. Sumapig

Date of Publication :17th January 2024

Abstract:— The solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems’ efficiency and performance are greatly affected because of shading caused by cloud cover and shadows from trees. At this condition, PV power output decrease because the shaded solar panels act as load and thus dissipate power generated by the PV systems. This study will focus on the power output optimization of the PV at shading conditions using a new switching strategy: “groups of operation”. Using this strategy, PV panels belonging to the mth and nth column with the greatest number of shaded panels are reconfigured dynamically to form various array configurations. MATHLAB/Simulink model is developed to simulate the power outputs of the PV systems given the conditions of shading and malfunctioning. Simulation results show an increase of power output after reconfiguration given different possibilities of panels randomly shaded; 44.25% for one shaded panel, 12% for two shaded panels at different row, 179.47% for 2 shaded panels at the same row, 43.03% for three panels at different row, and 141.92% for three shaded panels at same row. The simulation further shows that for more than three shaded panels in the 3x3 array, an optimized power output inasmuch as 86.36% to 151% is recorded after switching reconfiguration. HOBOWARE Experimental results of the 3x3 setup showed that the switching strategy optimizes the power output inasmuch as 13.48% to 110.42%

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